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Home renovations can be difficult when you need a helping hand and don’t know where to go. Whether you can’t make up your mind about which project to start first or you don’t how the renovation will impact your home’s value, here are the places to start and people to talk to before making any changes!

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Home renovations can be incredibly rewarding, but there will always be a little mess left in their wake. This mess has to be tackled responsibly and safely, and it can’t just be taken out to the curb and left for your garbage man – you’ll need some heavy-duty help to get the job done.

When planning the home renovation, you should also plan how you’ll dispose of all that wood, plaster, paint, and other waste. By taking care of it as soon as it’s coming out of the house, you’ll cut clean-up times and get all that junk out of your way as soon as possible!

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Planning out your home remodelling priorities can be hard, especially when you factor in that not all renos get the same bang for their buck. When you’re spending a lot and trying to stretch your budget further, the return on your investment is a significant part to consider when making plans!

The thing is, renovation costs are hard to recoup in the resale, so you’ll have to choose wisely. Here are your best home reno bets in 2019.

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