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Home Renovation Waste Disposal Tips

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Home renovations can be incredibly rewarding, but there will always be a little mess left in their wake. This mess has to be tackled responsibly and safely, and it can’t just be taken out to the curb and left for your garbage man – you’ll need some heavy-duty help to get the job done.

When planning the home renovation, you should also plan how you’ll dispose of all that wood, plaster, paint, and other waste. By taking care of it as soon as it’s coming out of the house, you’ll cut clean-up times and get all that junk out of your way as soon as possible!

First Waste Disposal Tip: Save What Can Be Saved

If what you’re yanking out of your home still has life in it, why not try to find it a new home? After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. One type of place you can take your things is an architectural salvage. These are like antique shops for building materials, and they usually collect everything from lighting fixtures to cabinets to unwanted toilets. Some even collect old bricks and hardwood flooring, reselling them to be used in future renos for people looking to save a buck.

Another place to drop off usable fixtures is charity recycler. By donating the stuff you’d only throw away to a nonprofit reseller or charity, you’ll be helping furnish a house with items and fixtures the homeowners normally wouldn’t be able to afford. Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore is a notable example!

Rent A Waste Disposal Roll-Off

An absolute necessity for home reno clean-ups, a roll-off dumpster will be the perfect repository for all your waste. You’ll be able to find a suitable bin from your local waste disposal company, and shop around if more choices are available. They usually charge you by the day and the tonnage of everything you’ll have hauled away. The bins will come in many different sizes, so try to anticipate your needs. It’s much better to go too big than too small!

If you’re having the roll-off delivered and placed in your driveway, ask them to put down boards or blocks (in case they don’t ask in the first place). It will save your asphalt from potential divots. Also, even though it can be hard to predict the weather, try to get all the waste in on a rain-free day.

Keep Materials Separate in Waste Removal

Renovations create all kinds of waste, and these can be disposed of in different ways. It’s important to separate what can be recycled, what can go right to the dump, and what can be classified as toxic, hazardous waste. Many disposal companies who rent dumpsters will also sort the waste out at the processing facility, but make sure that’s an option before tossing everything in.

If you have a bin, do not toss what could be hazardous material in with everything else. If you do not know how your local municipality deals with it, consider having it hauled away by a waste removal company. They’ll be trained to deal with these materials, and you won’t have to haul waste over to the dump in the trunk of your car!