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How To Fix Popped Drywall Screws

One of the most annoying home problems involves one of the smallest bits of the construction materials. Popped drywall screws are a real pain, especially if they’re coming through beautifully painted walls. The problem usually happens when the lumber to which the drywall is attached shrinks, especially if it was installed while the wood contained a large amount of moisture. Screws popping out can be especially bad when you have the heat running in winter, but any time the frame warps or changes shape can cause this problem.

You should never ignore popped screws. They are a sign that the sheet of drywall is no longer properly secured to the frame. Luckily, repairs are pretty easy!

What You’ll Need To Fix The Popped Drywall Screws:

  • New 1 ¼-inch drywall screws, two for every popped screw (don’t just try to screw the popped one back in)
  • A drywall screw attachment for your drill
  • Spackle
  • A putty knife
  • Fine sandpaper

How To Fix Popped Drywall Screws

First, resist the urge to simply fix the popped screws back into the wall; the drywall screw is no longer secure, and you’ll only have to deal with more popped screws in the future! To secure the drywall back into the lumber, you’ll need new screws, two for each popped screw. Take the two 1 ¼-inch drywall screws and secure one-two inches above the popped screw and one two inches below it, into an undamaged part of the drywall.

If properly driven in, the heads of the new drywall screws should be slightly below the drywall surface without cracking the material. This will prevent the sheet of drywall from moving and causing more screws from popping in the future.

Once everything has been secured, either reset the popped drywall screw or remove it altogether. You won’t want to leave these holes visible, but covering them up is just as easy as the repairs!

Covering The Drywall Damage

After you’ve fixed the structural damage, make it look neat and tidy again. Remove any pieces of drywall that are crumbling, clean up the dust, and make the surface around the popped screw smooth. Take a small bit of spackle onto your putty knife and spread it across the wall in different directions to fill the hole and smooth it out. Do the same for the screws you installed above and below the popped one.

Once the spackle has dried, sand the area with fine sandpaper to a smooth finish. Repaint the area and blend it into the surrounding paint so that you won’t be able to tell. Your wall should be safe and secure, and it will look like no drywall screws have popped at all!