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5 Easy Ways to Save On Your Kitchen Remodel

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By now, we all know there’s a major difference between relaxing on a Saturday afternoon in your pyjamas, watching kitchen remodeling specials on HGTV and actually doing it! It’s great to feel the rush of inspiration that carries you to Home Depot for an afternoon, but very not ok to find yourself weeks into a messy, dusty kitchen reno that never seems to end.

Don’t get overwhelmed! We’ve gathered up five useful tips that everyone should consider during a kitchen remodel to save more and spend less on a good-quality kitchen design.

1. Retain and Replace: Sort Out What’s Still Useful

When we plan on kitchen remodeling, the best way to cut costs is to keep the appliances and anything else in the kitchen that we want to continue to use. Also, keep in mind that not all parts of the kitchen are broken. Some of its parts can still be replaced or fixed. In fact, recycling and rejuvenating old appliances can be surprisingly satisfying. This will lessen the expenses of buying new appliances and materials.

2. Think Ahead About the Kitchen Work Flow

Keep in mind the appliances you can’t live without, and think about your desired kitchen layout. One way of making the kitchen look big is simply by applying a good workflow and space for the family. This will open up the area and allow for multiple people to be in the kitchen. Incorporate what designers call a work triangle where the three most used kitchen stations are at equal distances from each other. These stations could be the sink, the stove, and the refrigerator depending on which station we use often.

3. Know Your Budget, Don’t Chase A Trend

A crucial slogan from home construction mogul, John Bredemeyer — president of the major home and real estate company Realcorp — claims that it’s absurd to for a kitchen to exceed 15% of the value of your home. No matter how badly you want the magazine look for your kitchen if you can’t achieve it in a disciplined fashion you will end up unable to properly save for and renovate the rest of your property.

4. Plan for a Multifunctional Island to Make Space

A multifunctioning island is a great way to create more space and storage for the kitchen. Having the dining area, sink, and dishwasher all in one place can save a lot of space that would otherwise be taken up if they were separated. Kitchen islands are awesome! You can add a fabulous modern look to your home that doubles as an open concept conversation area and seating while entertaining. Sensibuild can provide lots of experience and inspiration to help you add a kitchen island to your renovation!

5. Plan Ahead and Set a Kitchen Remodel Timeline

Things can get out of hand and quickly overtake your budget. Flooring can be more expensive then you thought or mistakes can plague its installation. Maybe you’ll call a respected and experienced contractor like Sensibuild. The first thing they will ask is where in your budget and work timeline are you? This cuts to the core of renovation success. If you break down your kitchen remodel into a concrete roadmap or timeline everything seems manageable and makes more sense!

What really takes over our brains when we hear the words kitchen remodel is the cost. It hurts your overactive reno ambitions to actually calculate the real costs of construction materials and efficiently complete the project. Even professional home renovators sometimes encounter these hurdles but the key is years of experience making Sensibuild decisions. Contact us to start on your new kitchen today!