You might think that only major renovations require building permits – you know, a project like building an addition on the home. But that’s not true, and many homeowners might be surprised to learn that permits from the city are required for smaller jobs, too. This includes finishing basements!

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waste disposal tips, waste disposal reno

Home renovations can be incredibly rewarding, but there will always be a little mess left in their wake. This mess has to be tackled responsibly and safely, and it can’t just be taken out to the curb and left for your garbage man – you’ll need some heavy-duty help to get the job done.

When planning the home renovation, you should also plan how you’ll dispose of all that wood, plaster, paint, and other waste. By taking care of it as soon as it’s coming out of the house, you’ll cut clean-up times and get all that junk out of your way as soon as possible!

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For many homeowners, renovations are the last things on their mind during winter, especially if those renovations are outdoors. But if you want to save money, you can use the cold months to plan ahead for any springtime renovations you may have set your heart on.

Take these five money-saving tips into consideration now and get those spring renovations on time and under budget!

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One of the worst feelings is a drip coming from the ceiling and the ominous sign you’re in need of roof leak repairs. Leaky roofs are every homeowner’s nightmare, but if we all make roof inspections a part of our home repair routine, the worst nightmares most likely won’t become a reality.

By inspecting your roof and attic, you can catch any problem before it gets worse and ultimately lessen your roof leak repairs bill. Here are five of the most common reasons for a leaky roof – and what you can do to prevent them.

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Building Restoration Service London Ontario Sensibuild How To Hire A Contractor Blog Header

Hiring a contractor can be a difficult thing to do, especially if you’ve been burned by a bad egg in the past. You should always go with someone you can trust to be upfront about cost and process and to do the exact job you asked for. Use this list of advice about how to hire a contractor to renovate your home when looking for your perfect fit!

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Have you been dreaming of a new deck all winter long? Have you been dreaming of a new deck your whole life? 2018 is the year to build one because the contemporary trends are all about making most of the space you have with the money you have. The Sensibuild team has some seriously experienced deck builders and we’ve seen it all so here’s five 2018 deck trends that let all homeowners enjoy their backyards:
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construction industry trends blog header

The new year has just begun, which means it’s the perfect time to take a look at what’s ahead in the newest construction industry trends. Being up-to-date with the current construction industry in London, Ontario, can guarantee your home and business will work for you, not against you. While it might be a little hard to predict everything that 2018 will bring, there are several construction industry trends to watch out for.
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landscape mounds blog header

With the garden season just around the corner, you might be considering a redesign of your front yard or garden layout. Before you break ground, you should take a moment to familiarize yourself with berms or landscape mounds.

This is the backbone of any landscape presentation and is essential to the look and health of your garden. If you’re thinking of adding mounds to your next landscaping project in London, we’ve created a quick and simple how-to guide for you to start the process!
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small bathroom big ideas blog header

We’ve all been there. Renovating a small bathroom to give some new life to a very important room in your house. After a few days, you’re feeling like you’ll never actually be able to fit everything in such a small space. If your bathroom redesign is stuck in a rut, then these ten helpful ideas are meant for you!

  1. Simple Color Illusions for Your Bathroom

    The trick to opening up your small bathroom is to choose your desired colour focus, go to a local paint store like Dulux and ask about matching palettes and related tones to that focus colour. Then deploy those contrasting tones by painting one or alternating walls or by choosing subtle decorations in those colours. If done correctly will give you a modern look and pop of colour for your redesign.

  2. Open Shelving and In-wall Bathroom Storage

    It’s no surprise that storage is the main problem when it comes to having a small bathroom, so you have to think hard about affordable and creative solutions. Open shelves and built-in storage cabinets on the walls not only give you more storage area but can also make the room feel larger and less cluttered.

  3. Bathroom Mirrors Open Up Your Space

    The oldest trick in the book to making any small space bigger is to add a mirror, and you can’t go wrong with getting a large, dramatic one. Look for mirrors with decorative frames or with borders that fit the matching tones of your focus colour.

  4. Bathroom Sink and Vanity Designs Matter

    A new way that you can add to the space illusion is to make otherwise sharp edges, curved. This goes for sinks and the side of the bathtubs. Larger and artfully planned sinks and countertops in a small room will also give you more counter space. Modern bathroom vanities range in style from traditional wood cabinets to poly-marble tops for single or double sinks. Do your research or check out our vanities because this can make or break your space.

  5. Find Additional Ways to Get More Bathroom Storage

    If the sink counter is already flooded with care products and other necessities, one great tiny bathroom idea is to install a small floating ledge above the sink to hold more of your items. You can also punctuate a floating ledge with stylish decorations or small framed pictures that exaggerate your colour palette.

  6. Keep the Bathroom Floor Going!

    To add more illusion that you have a big bathroom, keep your floor going up to the shower area. Choose the right flooring for your budget and decor and don’t be afraid to show it off! Don’t cover up your flooring with storage units, towels or large floor wastebins.

  7. Shower Glass Divider vs. Curtain

    A curtain is the cheapest and easiest way to divide the shower from the rest of the room but, depending on the design, they can get dirty and deteriorate quickly with use. A plastic or fogged glass divider is a little more expensive but can add a tonne of class and a luxury aesthetic. However, if your bathroom is extremely small it can make the space even smaller depending on the material and the colour you choose. It all really depends on your budget and your materials so make sure you put the time into research and pricing!

  8. Give Sliding Shower Doors a Try

    Traditional hinged doors also take up space when opened. Sliding doors, on the other hand, will always be parallel to that wall meaning that it will not intrude your bathroom’s space at all. The construction materials and designs for sliding doors have recently become super affordable and minimal making it an easy decision for your next remodel.

  9. Let in That Beautiful Natural Light

    You can never go wrong with having plenty of natural lighting in your bathroom, and if mixed with an awesome colour scheme, you’ll be in awe of how airy, open and relaxing your bathroom can look. It also gives you the opportunity to place small living plants or flowers on a ledge or storage space!

  10. Don’t Hesitate to Get a Bathtub

    One of the simplest ways that you get away with a beautiful bathtub in a small bathroom is by setting up the showerhead and tub combination in the same corner. Choosing a matching trim and showerhead can add plenty of modern style to this setup.

Excited to put some of these ideas into action and transform your small bathroom? Get started today with some help from the renovation experts at Sensibuild who specialize in bathroom designs and remodeling in London, Ontario!

kitchen remodel blog header

By now, we all know there’s a major difference between relaxing on a Saturday afternoon in your pyjamas, watching kitchen remodeling specials on HGTV and actually doing it! It’s great to feel the rush of inspiration that carries you to Home Depot for an afternoon, but very not ok to find yourself weeks into a messy, dusty kitchen reno that never seems to end.

Don’t get overwhelmed! We’ve gathered up five useful tips that everyone should consider during a kitchen remodel to save more and spend less on a good-quality kitchen design.

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