popcorn ceiling header

Textured ceilings come in many different forms, but no texture has created as lasting an impression as the popcorn ceiling. You see them in homes everywhere, but have you ever wondered how they are installed? 

While many homeowners choose to painstakingly scrape their ceilings smooth, popcorn texture still has some demand. Unlike some ceiling plaster styles, popcorn ceilings aren’t textured by hand. They require a specific bit of gear. 

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renovation costs header

Homeowners have many different options when renovation costs exceed their savings, but they don’t need to put off crucial work when they can’t afford it right away. Lines of credit and credit cards are common options, though the often exorbitant interest rates make these tough choices. If you already have a mortgage, the last thing you probably want is another thing to pay off.

To avoid adding new avenues of debt to your life, there are several options you have when looking to work renovations into the mortgage, both for soon-to-be and existing homeowners.  

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