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The new year has just begun, which means it’s the perfect time to take a look at what’s ahead in the newest construction industry trends. Being up-to-date with the current construction industry in London, Ontario, can guarantee your home and business will work for you, not against you. While it might be a little hard to predict everything that 2018 will bring, there are several construction industry trends to watch out for.
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Each of us has very personal colours we’ve favoured since we were young and it comes out in every outfit, product, home decor item and even the paint colour decisions we make for our rooms. But have you taken the time to notice how certain colours evoke a particular feeling?

This is the basic idea of colour psychology—how colours affect certain emotional, behavioural, and mental responses in a person. If you want to paint your room, create specific moods or regulate emotions in every inch of your home, we’ve created some basic considerations for paint colour decisions when painting.

Warm vs. Cool Colours

Paint colour decisions aren’t as easy as you might imagine. There are differences in what we call warm and cool colours. In basic and general colour psychology decisions, you must know the essential difference between the two.

The colour wheel contains six basic colours. Half of them are composed of what we call warm colors—red, orange, and yellow. The other half, on the contrary, is composed of green, blue, and violet or what we call cool colours.

Warm colours can create a lively, inviting, and energetic space since they’re associated with heat and sunlight. On the other hand, nature, the sky, and water are associated with cool colours which can create a relaxing and calming effect.

Warm Colour Decisions and Where to Use Them

Among the three warm paint colours, red possesses the most intense energy. According to some studies, these paint colour decisions can raise blood pressure and adrenaline. It is best used if you want to create a cheerful space in high energy areas such as in living rooms, dining rooms, and other areas where people gather.

Yellow, another warm colour, evokes comparisons to sunshine which creates happiness and warmth. It can also be a cheery and fun tone which is well suited for kitchens and dining rooms.

Orange is the tone between red and yellow, an exciting and energetic colour which can be used in painting workout rooms or dining rooms.

Cool Colour Decisions and How to Deploy Them

Blue is considered the coolest colour which evokes comparisons to tranquil waters and the calming sky. It can create a soothing feeling that can calm the heart, especially in lighter shades. It is excellent for offices, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

Green, another cool colour, is best associated with nature that conjures a feeling of rebirth and growth. It can be calming and cheerful at the same time which is best for bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms.

Lastly, violet colours which are a combination of blue and red can develop a feeling of rest and relaxation, particularly in lighter shades. The darker violet tones, on the other hand, are more sophisticated and luxurious. Make these paint colour decisions in the rooms you use for retreat and rehabilitation.

Now that you’ve wrapped your head around the basics you have to remember that this is only the beginning! You can use this guide for paint colour inspirations and help you dig into the feel and style of your next room renovation and painting project in London. But the deployment of colour can be highly personal and artistic. If you’re looking for professional advice or help to complete your next project all you have to do is make the Sensibuild decision.

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With the garden season just around the corner, you might be considering a redesign of your front yard or garden layout. Before you break ground, you should take a moment to familiarize yourself with berms or landscape mounds.

This is the backbone of any landscape presentation and is essential to the look and health of your garden. If you’re thinking of adding mounds to your next landscaping project in London, we’ve created a quick and simple how-to guide for you to start the process!
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We’ve all been there. Renovating a small bathroom to give some new life to a very important room in your house. After a few days, you’re feeling like you’ll never actually be able to fit everything in such a small space. If your bathroom redesign is stuck in a rut, then these ten helpful ideas are meant for you!

  1. Simple Color Illusions for Your Bathroom

    The trick to opening up your small bathroom is to choose your desired colour focus, go to a local paint store like Dulux and ask about matching palettes and related tones to that focus colour. Then deploy those contrasting tones by painting one or alternating walls or by choosing subtle decorations in those colours. If done correctly will give you a modern look and pop of colour for your redesign.

  2. Open Shelving and In-wall Bathroom Storage

    It’s no surprise that storage is the main problem when it comes to having a small bathroom, so you have to think hard about affordable and creative solutions. Open shelves and built-in storage cabinets on the walls not only give you more storage area but can also make the room feel larger and less cluttered.

  3. Bathroom Mirrors Open Up Your Space

    The oldest trick in the book to making any small space bigger is to add a mirror, and you can’t go wrong with getting a large, dramatic one. Look for mirrors with decorative frames or with borders that fit the matching tones of your focus colour.

  4. Bathroom Sink and Vanity Designs Matter

    A new way that you can add to the space illusion is to make otherwise sharp edges, curved. This goes for sinks and the side of the bathtubs. Larger and artfully planned sinks and countertops in a small room will also give you more counter space. Modern bathroom vanities range in style from traditional wood cabinets to poly-marble tops for single or double sinks. Do your research or check out our vanities because this can make or break your space.

  5. Find Additional Ways to Get More Bathroom Storage

    If the sink counter is already flooded with care products and other necessities, one great tiny bathroom idea is to install a small floating ledge above the sink to hold more of your items. You can also punctuate a floating ledge with stylish decorations or small framed pictures that exaggerate your colour palette.

  6. Keep the Bathroom Floor Going!

    To add more illusion that you have a big bathroom, keep your floor going up to the shower area. Choose the right flooring for your budget and decor and don’t be afraid to show it off! Don’t cover up your flooring with storage units, towels or large floor wastebins.

  7. Shower Glass Divider vs. Curtain

    A curtain is the cheapest and easiest way to divide the shower from the rest of the room but, depending on the design, they can get dirty and deteriorate quickly with use. A plastic or fogged glass divider is a little more expensive but can add a tonne of class and a luxury aesthetic. However, if your bathroom is extremely small it can make the space even smaller depending on the material and the colour you choose. It all really depends on your budget and your materials so make sure you put the time into research and pricing!

  8. Give Sliding Shower Doors a Try

    Traditional hinged doors also take up space when opened. Sliding doors, on the other hand, will always be parallel to that wall meaning that it will not intrude your bathroom’s space at all. The construction materials and designs for sliding doors have recently become super affordable and minimal making it an easy decision for your next remodel.

  9. Let in That Beautiful Natural Light

    You can never go wrong with having plenty of natural lighting in your bathroom, and if mixed with an awesome colour scheme, you’ll be in awe of how airy, open and relaxing your bathroom can look. It also gives you the opportunity to place small living plants or flowers on a ledge or storage space!

  10. Don’t Hesitate to Get a Bathtub

    One of the simplest ways that you get away with a beautiful bathtub in a small bathroom is by setting up the showerhead and tub combination in the same corner. Choosing a matching trim and showerhead can add plenty of modern style to this setup.

Excited to put some of these ideas into action and transform your small bathroom? Get started today with some help from the renovation experts at Sensibuild who specialize in bathroom designs and remodeling in London, Ontario!