Five Tips For Choosing Flooring That Will Last For Years

Choosing a floor that will last for years can be a challenge, but a little planning can make your choices a lot easier. When considering the right flooring for your home and family, think about the following: traffic, cost, decor, insulation, and comfort factor. When a flooring type ticks off all the boxes, you’ll know you’ve found the perfect one!

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How To Level Flooring Before Installation

One of the trickiest parts of installing flooring yourself is getting the floor level before installation. The subfloor, the layer (usually made of plywood) that provides you a surface over the joists, might look flat to the untrained eye. But across the width of the room, the levels can grade just a fraction of an inch, and while it might not seem too bad, it can seriously affect your finished flooring.

Without a level subfloor, your hardwood or tile flooring can buckle and crack, damaging these expensive materials. Prevent this by taking the job of levelling your floors seriously!

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