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Five Reasons Home Renovations Are A Good Investment

All homeowners will face a tough choice sooner or later: to renovate, or not to renovate? There are a lot of arguments for both sides of the debate, but when people plan ahead and do their homework, they’ll see that the smart answer will almost always be “renovate”. This is because, after it’s all said and done, home renovations can greatly improve your home in many ways, but only if the projects are chosen wisely. Here are five reasons why renovations are a good investment- financially, aesthetically, and emotionally.

Renovations Can Last Forever basement renovation basement feature image

Smart renovations are a good investment because they can literally strengthen your home. If you’re replacing a less-than-great material with a more durable option – like swapping out a laminate for a natural hardwood – you’re improving the soundness of high-traffic areas. This will increase the home’s value almost instantly because newer renovations or remodeling won’t be necessary.

You’ll Reduce Maintenance Costs

Many renovations have a large upfront cost, but over time, they’ll prove to be incredibly valuable. One way you save is by reducing what you would spend on maintenance in the long term. For example, if you redo the roof with new shingles made from a strong material, you might be spending a lot of money immediately. But over time, you’ll appreciate how it stand up to pressure and protects the rest of your home. When a massive wind storm blows through town, you’ll be glad you shored up the roof.

Renovations Can Save You Money On Energy

Another way to save money over time is to focus your renovation plans on energy-saving upgrades. Replacing all the windows with energy-efficient frames and panes, putting in a new HVAC system, and upgrading the insulation in the attic might not seem very glamorous or fun. However, when you tally up the bills and maybe consider selling, the return on investment will make these jobs look like the smartest decisions you ever made.

You’re Making An Aesthetic Upgrade 

It’s the way the home buying market works: things go out of style. If the prospective home-buyer needs to put work into fixing even tiny things, suddenly the home purchase can seem much more daunting. By replacing small fixtures like light fixtures, faucets, and cabinetry, you’ll be making a major upgrade and see an increase in the value and marketability of your home.