Fall Renovation Ideas

Fall is a great time to begin a few renovations to prepare for the winter.  The atmosphere is crisp and clean, and the temperatures are usually manageable. In the fall, we tend to overlook how much a few renovations can help our energy bills.


Before the winter fully hits, insulating your house may the best thing to do! Fall is the best time of year to install insulation, you’ll save money on heating and you won’t have to put it off anymore. Don’t waste large amounts of electricity, waiting for the cold to arrive before you address the issue. Get the insulation during the fall so that, when you do have to turn on the heater, your home is already prepped for the winter!


Renovating your windows are a great idea before the winter fully hits. You could be saving alot of money with single-paned windows because they are very good at restoring heat. New windows can enhance the look of your home and make it quieter and a lot less drafty.

Exterior Lighting

As the seasons change, it gets darker much faster in the evening. Investing in exterior lighting can add a nicely accented feature to your home. Motion sensor lights are perfect for safety incase you fall or hurt yourself during the winter!

Heated Bathroom Flooring

Floor heating systems heat slowly over its entire surface. Unlike a furnace, which quickly pushes hot air up through vents toward the ceiling. This type of heating is a good choice for a bathroom because it works well with linoleum, laminate or tile flooring. Floor heating systems can also be programmed to turn on and off during certain times of the day.