5 Signs You Need A Bathroom Repair

Most people don’t think about renovating their bathrooms but there are many valuable reasons to start! A common repair issue is usually fixed right away but what about the issues we don’t catch?

1) Outdated

If your bathroom is starting to generate rust, decay or simply won’t come clean then you might need a bathroom repair. Older bathroom hardware can look very outdated but can also be dangerous! This danger can damage your health by bits of metal chipping off and getting caught in the water stream. Renovating your bathroom always can boost your home value too!

2) Water Volume/Quality Problems 

Every bathroom eventually has a leaky faucet or a bathtub that has draining issues. If your water is not coming out “full blast” than your pipes are probably corroding. Over time, galvanized steel pipes start to degrade and their diameter narrows, causing water volume to decrease. Water with any type of foul-smell can indicate that it’s time for a new update!

3) Mold

Mold, especially on the walls or ceiling, indicates the water is running where it shouldn’t. You might not be able to locate the water but a repair will be needed. Mold is very toxic and should be removed as soon as possible. Black mold in bathrooms or other located is known as toxic. It can put your family in danger. Respiratory infections, including coughing, sneezing, and sore throat. In some serious cases, the toxin can lead to pneumonia, breathing problems, and asthma attacks.

4) To Dark – To Damp?

A good light source is commonly overlooked in bathrooms but installing a good lighting system will make a big difference! Adding more lighting sources, such as recessed or hanging led fixtures can give your bathroom a beautiful, elegant edge. If you don’t have access to a window, consider adding a sun tunnel or a light tunnel skylight! A window could get rid of any dampness instantly.

5) Lack of Storage Space

Your home needs to grow with your family and its needs, and the bathroom is often overlooked. Most people have cupboards nearly overflowing in their bathroom. A new update to expand your bathroom storage will be great for everyone in the family. Consider different types of organizing systems that could be put in place!