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Best Renovations For Winter

Winter is a slow time for many renovators, which means it’s one of the best times for you. Homeowners can really take advantage of the lack of demand and finally get to those projects that they’ve been saving for (or ignoring!). By choosing to go with a renovation at this time of year, you could be saving yourself some money!

Of course, the cold weather makes some projects more realistic than others. Here are some ideas for the best winter renovations!  

Renovate Your Interiors

If you’re prioritizing superficial renovations, start with anything inside the home. The cold and snow can slow down exterior projects, increasing the time and budget needed to complete the work. The kitchen, bathrooms, countertops, tiling, and flooring can all be taken care of in winter as they would be in spring or summer.

Upgrade Your Fireplace  

Whether it’s fixing up an existing wood hearth or installing a new gas model, fireplaces can add some extra warmth and cosiness to any room. Even if you don’t plan on using an existing installation, you can have the surfaces around the fireplace upgraded: the mantlepiece, lintel, walls, and foundation can be renovated to look how you want.

If you already have a fireplace and want to start using it again, make sure to have it inspected, the chimney cleaned out, and any damages repaired before lighting even one twig. Creosote fires, caused by a buildup of soot in the chimney, are extremely dangerous.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Knockdown those winter energy bills by focusing on energy efficient renovations. Early winter is a great time to upgrade any single-pane windows left in your house to double or triple pane models. If it seems too late in the season for that, check out the basement and attic to see if your insulation is out of date.

The small things can make a big difference, too. Check for cracks and gaps in the caulking around windows and doors, install a smart thermostat, and replace older toilets with more efficient models.

Talk With A Contractor

Winter is the best time to get a contractor in to survey work that might be needed. If you have some home renovation plans, contact a local company and have them examine any planned projects. Whether they’re interior or exterior, a contractor can look at your house and give you an estimate for the length and cost of a project, or steer it in the right direction. Their advice could be the design spark you’re looking for!