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Commercial Renovations 101

Every commercial renovation is unique, tailored to your businesses needs. Renovating is usually hectic for most people but with the right blue prints, you’ll get the best idea of what your renovation will look like when finished. Sensibuild is committed to supplying a stress- free renovation process so you won’t have to worry! If you’d like a free quote and to learn about what Sensibuild can do to transform your commercial space, please contact us today!

How Long Does It Take?

Each commercial renovation is different so results will vary but a good quality contractor will take their time during each step of your renovation process to make sure it’s done correctly. Your commercial renovations are an exciting step in your business and we take pride in being able to reshape and reimagine the space of your company. Poor planning usually leads to extra costs, rushed work, and re-adjusted completion dates. Most renovation companies will give an “estimated completion date” but that date may be changed.

Do I Need To Make A Plan?

The planning phase is one of the most important parts of any remodeling project. It is crucial to your remodeling success. You can find our renovation checklist here.

Do You Need Permits?

Once you have a plan for your remodeling project, you should contact your city or research to see if you need a permit for the renovations. Obtaining the proper permits may depend upon a few factors, such as if the renovating area is indoors or outdoors. This would be a good thing to double check before you get into legal problems down the road…

Whether you’re remodeling an office building, renovating an office space or just need to update a work space room, we can help!