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The Most Popular Deck Trends for 2018

Have you been dreaming of a new deck all winter long? Have you been dreaming of a new deck your whole life? 2018 is the year to build one because the contemporary trends are all about making most of the space you have with the money you have. The Sensibuild team has some seriously experienced deck builders and we’ve seen it all so here’s five 2018 deck trends that let all homeowners enjoy their backyards:

Using As Much Space in Your Deck Design As Possible

Maximizing the square footage of a deck is one of the most popular requests from homeowners in recent years, and deck builders should expect this to be the case in 2018, too! Creativity is key, so having as many solutions for weatherproofing as possible can help you make the most of any prospective plans.

A deck is no longer a place to simply sit and enjoy the outdoors anymore; these days, a deck must be multifunctional, and many homeowners want to incorporate other elements in their yard, too, like fire pits, pools, and sheds. Materials that can stand the elements are one thing, but having the layouts and innovations to fulfil these kinds of plans is another. Now decks have to act as both a cosy living space and as a storage place for lawn-care equipment, firewood, etc., so finding creative ways to bring it all together is a must!

Composite Deck Materials

Imitation wood products have come incredibly far, and because they come in so many colours and styles, composite decking materials are the choice for many homeowners. They will only get more popular, and it’s not hard to see why: composite decking is easy to install, durable, and often built with the fasteners hidden. This material is also extremely customizable, allowing homeowners to have their wildest ideas come to life with ease.

Contemporary Handrails in Deck Designs: Riveted and Glass

Home Renovation Contractor Sensibuild London Ontario Deck Builder Glass Railing ImageConvenient, money-saving deck builds have always been popular, and as materials have improved, they’ve become a lot easier to make happen for the average homeowner. Riveted handrail systems are a popular contemporary handrail that fits this bill, as they are easy to install and look fantastic. They’re made from sleek, durable metal like aluminium, and can give any deck a sophisticated, customized look without breaking the bank. Homeowners can easily install them themselves, too!

For those looking for to make the most out of their surrounding, glass railing is the way to go. Glass handrails allow for unobstructed views, making them popular in the era of maximized space. They’re just a little pricier, but hey, if you’ve paid for a beautiful view, why not enjoy it?

Post Cap Lights for Your Deck

Simple and unobtrusive, post cap lights – little lights that sit under, you guessed it, the caps of your railing posts – create the perfect ambience for your backyard getaway. The soft glow emitted by these solar or low-voltage lights make your deck safe to enjoy at night while keeping the mood relaxed. The best part is that post cap lighting is inexpensive and easy to install!

Mixing Styles in Your Deck Designs

It’s a lot easier to update an existing deck than to tear it down and start over, and anyone on a budget will look for elements that can upgrade their look without breaking the bank. Because of this, many homeowners don’t worry if their deck doesn’t have a uniform look! Homeowners wanting more value, fewer labour costs, and to preserve the memory of existing backyard infrastructure means mixing different materials and styles is a trend that will stick around.

Remember, Sensibuild has years of experience building decks — it’s truly our passion! Don’t worry about getting charged for a quote; one of our special offers is an in-person home design tour. We’ll personally visit your backyard, walk around your property and give you a fair and friendly estimate. Call us now!