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Affordable Bathroom Renovation Ideas

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You don’t have to break the bank when it comes to bathroom renovations. Redoing the entire bathroom from tub to tile can become a huge money pit, but this is because a lot of homeowners feel they have to overhaul the entire room. Sometimes, it only takes a few key elements to completely change how you see your bathroom! If you’re looking to give your bathroom a new look, take these five renovation ideas into consideration.

Give the bathroom a new coat of paint

This is probably the cheapest way to make a new atmosphere in your bathroom. A new colour can make it look likepaint brushes lined up on a white background blog image an entirely new room. You can also save some money by painting the bathroom yourself. You’ll have to be careful of the fixtures and the small space, but carving out a weekend to prime and paint will stretch your renovation budget a lot further.

To combat mildew growth that comes from the moist environment, you should go with a satin-finish paint or a mixture specifically designed for bathrooms, and these can be more pricey. However, high-quality paint is essential for keeping mould out of the walls and preventing future damage to the interior.

Don’t replace – refinish!

Replacing the bathtub and/or the shower is one of the most expensive pieces of a bathroom renovation, but often it’s an unnecessary expense. Even if it looks worn and out-of-date, these are usually just surface problems, and the tub itself is still in working condition. Refinishing the old tub with new enamel can make it look new again, without having to spend time and money having it ripped out and replaced.

The same can be said for many elements in the bathroom, from the toilet to the countertop. Refinishing these can be a cost-effective solution to the aged, yellowing look of your bathtub or shower.

Leave fixtures where they’re installed

If you leave the bathtub, shower, toilet, and sink where they were first installed, you save yourself a lot of money not having to install new plumbing. It makes for a much less intrusive renovation.

Use expensive materials to accent, not dominate

If you have your heart set on some expensive materials, don’t make them the focal point of the redesign. Instead, usewhite bathtub in a newly renovated bathroom blog image them to tie the decor together, choosing inexpensive materials that pair well together with your favourites.

For example, the floor tile. Using it in only one part of the bathroom – like the floor, the shower, or a wall or two – can create a clean aesthetic while strengthening areas that are more frequently used. By placing the tile strategically, you can still be creative and highlight the colour, while still using other, cheaper materials for the remainder of the bathroom.

Take your time

Don’t feel compelled to finish the entire bathroom, especially if your budget is tight – not everything needs to be completed all at once. Homeowners think that because a bathroom is smaller and used more often, everything should be redone when something like the tile gets old. But like any other room, the bathroom can be changed piece by piece, as long as everything works and the job is done correctly!