Ways To Relieve Renovation Stress

renovation stress

You don’t get a remodel or renovation without at least a little “renovation stress”. For many homeowners, it’s a necessary evil you have to go through to get the room you want. While we can’t eliminate all the stress, here are some tips that will make the renovation process smoother, more organized, and much less stressful!

Plan And Budget To Reduce Renovation Stress

Renovation stress often starts with the planning, but once you have something solid to go by, the whole process will be much easier. If you’re a couple deciding to renovate, start by writing a list of what you’d like to have done, and compare the two. Research costs and evaluate what you can afford. Don’t tear down anything until your plan is fully formed! Nothing is more stressful than having to clean up a renovation mistake.

Once you’ve come up with a plan, go ahead and make a budget. Take that budget and add another 10 or 20 percent on top – this will be for unplanned expenses, because labour and materials add up fast and can be easy to miscalculate. You might find you’ve accidentally done something small, like pick the wrong paint colour; or decided that something big needs to change, e.g. that new appliances are now necessary for the new look of the kitchen. 


Be Realistic In Your Plan And Budget

renovation stress budget

Planning can go many ways, and one is upwards into dreaming territory. Number-crunching can bring plans back to earth, but being realistic from the start is a lot less stressful. Work with what you have, and know that there’s always at least one room, like the bathroom you could turn into a fancy getaway.


Hire A Good Contractor

A renovation is long hours of exhausting work, and if you’re teaching yourself the necessary skills along the way, you’ll soon find your stress levels going off the charts. After you’ve planned and budgeted, find a reliable, knowledgeable professional contractor. You can research by checking references, asking not only about the work itself, and closely reading reviews. If they didn’t return client’s calls, didn’t start on time, or went far above the budget without consultation, you should know well before you put your signature on a contract. Look through their website for examples of their work. 

Research makes for a less stressful experience, so some other things to look for when hiring a contractor include making sure they are fully insured, getting all the agreements in writing, and working out a payment schedule with them. Be clear about which of you will be responsible for permits, payment for materials, and any other work details that you don’t want to stress about later. Make sure you’re clear about the areas to properly sealing off so that the rest of the house does not become affected by the dust and debris.


Take Time To Relax

renovation stress

It’s ok to put down your tools and take some time for yourself. Renovations are hard and can be a lengthy process, so don’t overwork yourself into a big ball of stress. Regularly kick back with a cold drink and a treat!

If it’s getting difficult, focus on the whys – you’re doing these renovations for you and your family. With this in mind, you don’t need to do it all yourself! We can help make your renovation dreams come true without the stress, so call the SensiBuild today for a free consultation.