Picking the Best Bathroom Renovator

Bathroom renovations are an investment that takes a lot of time, money, and research, so you’ll want to choose the right expert for the remodel. Nothing is better than a job well done, meaning it’s best to do your due diligence to ensure that you don’t get burned by a bad contractor. A good Google search and some conversation will make it clear who to go with when choosing a bathroom renovator!

The More Information From Your Contractor, The Better


Don’t be afraid to ask for a detailed quote, and inquire about as much as your comfortable with. What will the company do, and what changes won’t they be making? What products will they be using in your renovation? How long has this bathroom remodeler been in the business? What warranties and guarantees are being offered on the services and products? 


Do a little digging online, too, because you should look for a renovation company that has the necessary experience and is guaranteed to be able to perform all the services you need. Carefully examine their website for examples of the work, looking for the quality and variety of all the work and the products they say they can install.


Be polite as you would talk to any other person, but it’s entirely your business what answers you want. You shouldn’t go into a contract without knowing exactly what you’re comfortable with, and all the details should be decided upon before the work starts. After all, you’re the customer!


Look For Credentials And Backing


Credentials separate a professional you can trust from an amateur who might not show up. Many bathroom remodelers you’ll find on the market are not qualified tradespeople, and they haven’t spent their professional career dedicated to learning and becoming a master in their craft. You can find out how credible a company is by seeing their accreditations, the professional organizations they belong to, and their customer reviews. 


If it’s not apparent, ask about how they back their work. Guarantees and insurance are some of the best things to have, not just for the peace of mind; if something goes wrong and there are no official agreements, you’ll have little-to-no recourse to get back what you’ve lost.


Will They Give You Their Quote In Writing?


A bathroom remodeler with integrity will put what you’ve agreed upon on paper. With the best remodelers, you’ll know what your getting into, rather than waiting for them to finish to see what the damage will be (damage, in this case, is only financial, we hope). The final cost should not be much different than what they’ve quoted you for, and anything that will drive up the cost in a major way should be run by you first.


“In writing” is shorthand for “being upfront with you.” A renovator should not be coy about the cost of labor, fixtures, or any other part of the bathroom remodeling process. If at any point in the discussions you feel like you’re not getting straight answers or that they’re not being upfront with you, look elsewhere! It’s a major investment, and you have to be sure you’re getting the best. Contact us to learn more.