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North London

We’re always working reno projects in the prestigious Old North area of London. From heritage homes to beautiful new builds in forested areas this is the place to be!

South London

From the banks of the Thames River to Wellington and Wharncliffe and the celebrated Wortley Village – we’ve been around this neighborhood plenty over the years.

East London

The home of the historic Western Fairgrounds, Gateway Casinos and Old East Village we can’t say enough good things about this foundation neighborhood.

West London

From University Heights to the westlands of the Thames this is a growing neighborhood indeed! We’ve completed projects on homes new and old in this busy district.

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London Ontario

London‘s is a booming city with a great economy and employment opportunities, where restaurants and nightlife, education, events and leisure are all at your fingertips. We’re proud to call this city our home and have completed many home renovation projects here. In a way, we’re helping build London Ontario into a greater city every year!

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Westmount, Oakridge Acres, London, ON, Canada

Westmount is a strong neighborhood with a varied combination of accommodation in southwest London. Much of the region is defined by single-family homes constructed in the eastern part of the 1960s and newer homes facing the western part.

Byron, Oakridge Acres, London, Ontario, Canada

Byron has the feeling of a tiny town and powerful sense of community which characterizes it. The neighborhood’s business core is at Commissioners and Boler, with an anchored shopping space for a business corridor and grocery store.

West London, London, ON, Canada

There are many smaller neighborhoods in West London that are as cherished as they are historic. Blackfriars ‘ tiny, older neighborhood running along the River to Midtown is well-respected for the distinctive personality that permeates its homes.

East London, London, ON, Canada

In East London, you’ll find a down to earth and working class vibe with ambitions for renovation and gentrification. There are many smaller areas that are as valued as historic. The small and cosy area of Old East Village is known as a revival area in London.

South London, London, ON, Canada

South London includes everything from Wharncliffe to Wellington area south of the River and the well known parks and recreation areas. This region is also home to the famous Wortley Village which is a true regional and national treasure!

Woodfield, London, ON, Canada

Woodfield is a old town London area located central and slightly northeast. In Woodfield there are many cultural landmarks, some of which stretch back to the 1840s and many of which were constructed between the mid 1800s and early 1900s.



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We’re truly passionate home renovators located in the growing community known as the Forest City. You name the area and we’ve done a job there! Large or small your reno project is our passion. Get in touch with us today!

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